Flexing with my adorable niece!

Flexing with my adorable niece!

My name is Jonathan Atterbury. I am the owner of New American Fitness.

I am a certified personal trainer, serving the Dallas, Plano and Richardson areas of Texas and an author (you can check out my book "Powerful Mind. Powerful Body" here,) But to know my story, we need to rewind a bit...

I spent most of my life under the impression that I hated "working out" and "dieting". I thought I wasn't an athletic person by nature and that I was doomed to a life of being unhealthy, unfit and unhappy.  I had taken to drinking too much, sleeping too little, eating everything that sounded tasty and never engaging in physically demanding activities.  

At about 25 I began putting on weight... bad weight and lots of it.  I continued down that bad path for about 2 years, until I took a trip to the Doctor... The Dr. told me I needed to lose about 20lbs for my own health. He said I was in the shape of the "average American man".  That blew my mind for two reasons... One being that apparently I was so overweight that even the Dr. felt the need to warn me and Two being that being called an "average American man" was pretty much saying "Hey, you're unhealthy, weak and unfit".

 I realized I needed to change my own level of fitness and that I wanted to help change the meaning of "average American" to a very different thing.  At that point, I began reading absolutely every book and article I could get my hands on that had anything to do with fitness.  I began experimenting with the things I was learning and eventually, through feeding my own passion for fitness, I realized that helping others discover their passion for health and fitness was my true calling.  

I went through the highly reputable American Council on Exercise personal trainer program and earned my personal trainer certification, but my education will never be complete. It is my desire to always be learning the most effective and scientifically proven strategies to sculpt strong and beautiful bodies. 

Thank you and stay strong!


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